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  1. How Much Is It In Malaysian Ringgit?
  2. Please refer to your bank. The conversion for ANY currency is based on rates set by the bank that has issued the card.

  3. Can I Use My Debit Card To Pay?
  4. Yes unless if the card has insufficient funds or the bank has blocked Stripe transactions.

  5. What If I Don’t Have A Credit Card/Paypal Account?
  6. Please email us at and we will provide an alternative payment method (direct transaction).

  7. What Happens After Payment Is Done?
  8. a: BigMarker Platform - You will be redirected to BigMarker (the webinar platform) to Confirm Your Seat(s). You will receive an email containing your password and a link to BigMarker. Follow the link to BigMarker to Confirm Your Seat(s). Once that is done, you will receive a unique link via email to enter the webinar. Do note it will take about 3-5 minutes to enter the webinar, so it would be best to get to the waiting room before the starting time. Your patience is much appreciated.

    b: Zoom Platform - You will be redirected to a link to Confirm Your Seat(s) on Zoom Webinar as the end of your successful payment. You will also receive a unique link to Confirm Your Seat(s) via email. Head on to the link to register and save the link given to enter the webinar on the day of webinar!

  9. What About Group Registrations (Eg; Registering For Your Team/Organisation)?
  10. It will be your responsibility to ensure your group members Confirm their Seats on BigMarker by providing them with the link & password (you may Confirm Seats on their behalf with their email addresses).

  11. Will I Receive A Receipt Once Payment Is Successful?
  12. Yes - you will receive an auto generated receipt in your email.

*If there are other things you’re unsure or you’d like to discuss - email us at and we will try out best to respond ASAP.

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